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My main goal is to purrovide education, advoCATcy and support for the cats and the people of our community. One of my other goals is to provide beautiful photos that represent the cats spirits and purrsonalities in hopes of helping them connect with the PURRfect homes. I only take photos that are stress free for the animals, as I want their stay at the shelters or in their foster home to be healthy and happy. Their needs are always my top priority. I hope you can see the love in their hearts through their eyes and antics. The photos taken by PPHP are done with lots of TLC as each fur angel needs to be purresented in the most beautiful way possible, representing each PURRecious spirit, PURRfectly.

Mission, Vision and Supports

PURRmoting a sense of positive collaboration amongst the Cat Community worldwide. Supporting others, demonstrating compassion, kindness and insPURRing others to recognize the beauty of our feline friends.

Mojo's Hope are advoCATes for senior cats, cats who have repeatedly shown up at the shelter, long-timers or those with significant special needs, be it behavioral or medical. We advoCATe for humane alternatives for declawing and are willing to offer guidance and education in this area and other behavioral concerns. We advoCATe for the wonderful people who open their homes and hearts to these special cats and need support to help keep their cats happy and healthy! 

-Behavior support- Our main focus is on cats that have been adopted from rescues or local shelters. Our goal is to help these

cats stay in their homes by providing support for the cats and their people.

-Outreach eduCATional Events

-EduCATional Brochures included but not limited to:

-Transition into the Home

-How to Greet a Shy Cat

-Paws Need Claws (Humane Alternatives to declawing)

-Enrichment Activities

-Are you Ready to Adopt?

-Crate Training

-Pet Loss and Bereavement Support/Counseling

-Videos displaying Enrichment Activities such as food puzzles, the cat wheel, nose work-

-Advertising of Cats for Adoption: flyers, posting on social media, newspaper if possible

-AdvoCATing for the implementation of TNR in Alaska (it is presently not legal due to a regulation with the Board of Game).

-PURRtography of cats in shelters and in foster. Paw-Prints, Howls and Purrs© is my photography business that focuses primarily on capturing photos of cats in the most beautiful and fun way possible to help purromote their adoptions in a positive and safe environment. 

-Sharing of other organizations and shelters throughout Alaska to help purromote positive adoptions throughout the state.


Mojo’s Hope exists to provide a safe, healthy and compassionate environment along with humane and quality care-taking for companion animals with special needs.

The “Special Needs” designation covers many areas, including but not limited to, behavioral, emotional, physical and medical. We recognize that when animals come into rescue, they may have special needs and each need is individualized.

It is our goal to assist with their rehabilitation, so that those who are able to, can go to their furever homes to live out their lives happily and successfully.

For those who have lifetime medical needs or are at the end of life stage, we will provide the necessary care to make their lives comfortable, filled with love and peace.

Background info of one of our founders, advoCATe and PURRtographer Paw-Prints, Howls and Purrs:

As a life-long animal lover, volunteering, advoCATing and working in animal welfare for over 20 years, I have been passionate about what can be done to help these animals, in the most positive and beautiful way. I have always enjoyed photography, however I did not realize the impact it would have on the lives of the animals I have met through different outreach visits, those that I interact with daily and those who are looking for homes. Working with homeless animals provided me with the opportunity to apply my skills to capture their beauty and purromote adoptions. I strive to represent each animal in a very positive way, reflecting their true purrsonalities, a "force free" method of PURRtography so that their adopters can imagine them happy & healthy in their loving home. Each animal shows their true spirit, despite the circumstances they are in or coming from. Each purrecious fur angel shows how to purrsevere, how to overcome challenges and how to let things go. It is their resilient and beautiful nature that I strive to represent in each and every photo. They teach me so much day in and day out. I feel very fortunate to have these opportunities to help animals in need

Mojo's Hope is always on the search to expand our knowledge and to be able to provide further behavioral support for the cats of our community and their people. Therefore our founder/president pursued the rigorous program through the, IAABC, The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (htt​ps:// We are very happy and humbled to share that as of December 17, 2017, she has been accepted into the program and is now an Associate Certified Cat Behavior Consultant. Our goal with this certification is to continue to build our knowledge base and to be a local resource for various cat behaviors.

Mojo's Hope's founder has worked with a variety of behaviors over the past 20 years, however, we specialize in shy, unsocialized and fearful cats. MH also offer support for transitions into the home (before and after adoption from the local shelter or rescue group), support for adopters before and after adoption, lost cats and more. We have created user-friendly brochures that are on our website, for our local community along with educational videos, with plans to make more to further help in the best way possible. We are very excited to go on this journey and to continue to learn more ways to help out our feline friends.

We are so grateful to all of our friends who support cats all over the world! We adore and treasure each one of you.

From the PURRspective of a Shelter Cat by, Mojo's Hope

The Five Freedoms

Please visit to see the items on our Wish List. Alaska's KAAAT's is not a rescue or facility, however, we provide supplies and more to the cats at the shelter and those in rescue/foster.

Here is the link to our Wish List: Alaska's KAAATs Wish List

Lost Cat Support, Recovery & Behavior

After developing many years of experience helping to trap and return lost pets to their families, Mojo's Hope would like to offer our professional support as a certified MAR (Missing Animal Response) technician. Our free services would include, but are not limited to:, support, training, guidance and the ability to provide supplies for the families of cats that have been adopted from the shelter and/or from our community that have gone missing. For example, our support can include:

  • Loan of humane traps

  • Training on proper use of humane traps

  • Provide advice on how to find a lost pet

  • Demonstrate how to successfully recover a pet

  • Provide advice for when they find their pet and how to keep them safe and sound

  • Available Microchip Scanner

The Missing Animal Response Network website is:

There you will find invaluable links and support.

Certificates and Credentials

Mojo's Hope is a local resource for various cat behaviors with over 20 years of experience in the Animal Welfare community. Shannon Basner has worked with a variety of behaviors, however she specializes in shy, unsocialized and fearful cats. MH's also offer support for transitions into the home (after adoption from the local shelter or rescue group), support for adopters after adoption, lost cats and more. MH's created user friendly brochures on our website for our local community along with educational videos. Our mission is to promote advocacy, awareness and adoptions for the cats of the Alaskan community, including but not limited to cats at open admission shelters. Shannon Basner also received her dog training certification through the Animal Behavior College.

Another Local Resource for Assisting with Lost Pets:

The Anchorage Pet Detective

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