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Comfort Companions

 We accept donations of stuffed toys as “Comfort Companions” (partnered with Mojo's Hope) for the cats at the shelter and in foster. Many folks have plush animals and most charity programs will not accept opened or used stuffed animals for children, but we can always give them a new life.

"Comfort Companions" are simply stuffed animals that are donated for the use of offering a sense of peacefulness to the cats at the shelter and in foster. After volunteering and working in a ​variety of environments involved with Animal Welfare over the past 20 years we have witnessed many sick or shy animals that were so comforted by having a "friend" to snuggle up with, especially during times of being isolated from other animals. These "Comfort Companions" offer such a simple pleasure that truly helps the well being of the animals we meet. They get to take these "friends" with them and sometimes they hold onto them forever.

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