Paw-Prints, Howls and Purrs!

Fur Angel PURRtography/Alaska's KAAATs/Associate Certified Cat Behavior Consultant-ACCBC/
Pet Loss & Bereavement Certified Counselor

Enrichment Time at the Alaska Humane Society-One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel! 

Paws Need Claws
When you print out the brochure it folds into a trifold brochure! 

Greeting a Shy Cat... Is There a PURRfect Method?

Are you Ready to Adopt a Cat?

Enrichment Activities for You and Your Cat! 

Transition into a New Home

How to Help Alleviate Stress in Cats in the Shelter Setting 

Food Puzzles are Fun & also Provide Mental Stimulation

Clicker Training with Cats!

Nose-Work for Cats- Enrichment Activities for Mental Stimulation and Learning!